Industrial Beads
Industrial Beads
Glass Beads for Sand Blasting, Road Making and other Industrial Use. For more details Click Here...
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We are Manufacturers and Wholesaler of Glass Beads and other types of Indian Beads. Dev Overseas , presents finest of handmade Indian beads collection. Our items are crafted and manufactured under expert supervision of professionals and designers.


  • We providing the best beads and beading supplies at the lowest prices.  We add to our inventory on a weekly basis so there are always new and exciting beading items to choose from.  So sit back and enjoy our site.....

  • Glass Beads Glass Beads

    Glass beads making is a type of lampwork art. They are made using traditional glassworking techniques from Italy that are more often used to make art glass objects. There are several types of glass beads like silver foiled beads, big hole furnace beads, chevron beads, bump beads . Glass can be molded in several shapes to form beautiful beads....

  • Mix Beads Mix Beads

    Mix Beads section has hundreds of mixes of various types of beads. Mix Beads are cheap and adds more variety of beads to a small lot. This is most popular section. Many of the Mix Beads are in ready stock with us and we can ship them within a weeks time. They can also be produced as per your color requirement. You can order as low as 2 Kg each style.....

  • Ceramic Beads Ceramic Beads

    Ceramic beads are made from mixture of clay and some chemicals, and then are decorated from colors.  There are then heated in Furness to give the soft clay beads some hardness and glaze. Sometimes the Furness heated beads are simply hand-painted. To add variety there are various types of clays which can vary the hardness and glaze of the bead....

  • Crystal BeadsCrystal Beads

    Crystal Beads are from Glass. Plane Glass Beads go through grinding and heating process before they look like glass crystals. There could be hundreds and thousands of faces on a crystal bead after grinding process. Holes are drilled through the bead after the grinding process. Crystals  are mainly used in Glass Beads jewelry & Chandelier....

  • Clay Beads Clay Beads

    Clay beads / Teracotta Beadsare made of natural clay, Ceramic molded into the required bead shape by dyes and then the required pattern is hand painted on the ceramic bead. Heat treating process is performed on the beads which makes the pattern stable and dry. This also give the bead a glossy and shiny look. They are widely used in making costume jewelry...

  • Chemical Beads Chemical Beads

    Chemical Beads is made from mixture of various chemicals. These chemical are in solid state in normal room temperature. The chemical is heated and molded in various shapes of beads. Colors are also added to make the beads more colorful. Chemical beads are very popular these days as they can give large varity of color options....

  • Crochet Beads Crochet Beads

    Crochet Beads are made of cotton cords. Cotton cord weaved around a wooden beads by hand giving a simple bead some enhanced look. Crochet Beads are used in Costume jewelry, Clothing's, Interior decors and many other. Crochet Beads are also made in multiple colors shapes and sizes. Crochet Beads are also made by machines these days...

  • Glass Pendants Glass Pendants

    Glass Pendants are center of attraction of every jewelry piece. Dichroic glass and majestic colors make it more attractive. The famous art of Murano glass work is been used to make such glass pendants. It require highly skilled artists and craftsmen's to make such complicated designs. We have hundreds of designs to choose from....

  • Horn Beads Horn Beads

    Horn beads are actually made of cow and buffalo horns, which are beautified when reconstructed to give a proper form & shape. Horn beads are available in variety with beautiful natural colors to add an extra edge to their impact. Horn Beads can be made colored by the use of chemicals and dyes. Its also polished and buffed to add on....

  • Lack Beads Lack Beads

    Lack beads  also called Kashmiri beads. This type of beads was originally made in Kashmir.. The Lac beads name refers to the material that these beautiful beads are made with. Lac is a resin similar to Polymer Dry Clay, in that, while it is soft, tiny beads, metal components and other resin shapes can be pushed into the resin....

  • Metal Beads Metal Beads

    These Metal Beads are casted from metal alloys which includes mixture of aluminum and tin. Metal Beads are very popular beads and these beads are center beads of every jewelry piece. Metal Beads are cheap and are priced in Kios. Metal Beads are widely used in garments and accessories. Metal Beads are all Handmade....

  • Shell Beads Shell Beads

    Beautiful, natural shell beads will bring a touch of the tropics to your beaded jewelry designs. Shell Beads are also popularly known as Mother of Pearl. Sea Shells are widely found in costal areas of India. These are beautiful art pieces carved on natural sea shell. These are naturally shiny. Shell Beads are widely used as center pieces of  necklaces, bracelets....

  • Soapstone Beads Soapstone Beads

    Soapstone used to make beads, is a delicate material.. It is cool and smooth to the touch and wonderful to handle. Soapstone is a natural and very smooth and slippery as a soap. Soapstone beads are made by carving these stone into various desired shapes and size. All these beads are hand carved by highly skilled artists and craftsmen's....

  • Seed Beads Seed Beads

    Seed Beads are uniformly shaped small beads Usually rounded in shape, seed beads are most commonly used for loom and off-loom bead weaving. They may be used for simple stringing, or used as spacers between other beads in jewelry. Larger seed beads are used in various fiber crafts for embellishment, or crochet with fiber or wire....

  • Uncut Beads Uncut Beads

    Uncut Beads are glass chips and small pieces of glass with round edges. Chips are been drummed and processed to make edges round and then holes are pierced through the bead. Uncut beads are uses as spacer fillup beads and are also used in necklaces, bracelets, clothing's, and other artwork. Uncut beads are cheap and ready stock with us....

  • Wooden Beads Wooden Beads

    Wood beads are made of wood and given various shapes like round, cube, oval, spiral, barrel, rectangular and that of various flowers, animals, leaves, etc. The beads have natural wood color and are often artificially colored. Some of the beads are available in polished form. Buffing work is also done to give the bead a final finishing touch....

  • Wooden Charms Wooden Charms

    Wooden Charms are made of wood. Wood pieces are cut into shapes of animal figures. These figures are then painted with bright colors and hole is drilled through the piece to make it a charm. These charms are very popular and are used in bracelets and necklaces. Wooden charms are one of the best seller and are popular world wide....


  • Cheapest Beads: Please have a look at our surplus section for the cheapest available Glass Beads in the market.

    We are selling some of our stock at very very low price starting from 1.5US$/ Kilo. You can order good quality pressed Glass Beads mixes for just 1.75 US$/Kilo. Also fancy and High fancy Glass Beads mixes are available ready stock with us at a low price of 2.0 US$/Kilo and 2.4 US$/Kilo

your alternative text for the image here You can order mixed Dichroic Glass Big Hole Silver Foil beads for just 2.0 US$ per Kilo as we have this in stock with us.. Dichroic Beads are handmade on a gas Furness. A thick foil of silver is wrapped inside the glass bead. These are available in mixed color and shapes with is like coin, drum, brick, round and many other shapes. Dichroic beads are usually used as center bead of a jewelry. Used along with several other type of Glass Beads such as silver foil beads, fancy lamp work beads, pressed beads, chevron beads.  These beads are center of attraction of every jewelry piece.
your alternative text for the image hereWe also sell plain lampwork Glass Beads for just 1.6 US$ per Kilo as we have a large stock of such plane beads. These are readily available with us and we can ship the order of these Plane Glass Beads within a week. These are mixed in color and shape. Very popular bead as widely used in costume jewelry and also used as fill up beads in Necklaces and Bracelets. Plain Glass Beads are also hand made but these have smaller holes compared to Big Hole Foil Beads. Hole size is usually 1 to 2 mm. 
Discounted Shipping Charges
Country 70 Kilos + 200 Kilos+
U.S.A. 6.2 US$/Kilo 5.9 US$/Kilo
Australia 7.5 US$/Kilo 7.1 US$/Kilo
Spain, France, Germany 5.6 US$/Kilo 5.3 US$/Kilo

We are always ready for Custom Orders

Yes, If you have anything in your thoughts, any new idea, new design, new pattern of beads or jewelry or any glass art then please feel free to share your thoughts with us. We are always ready to take new challenges and do difficult work. There are lots of new things we are working on if you are interested to know then please  Email us.

Free Samples

we provide free samples on freight collector basis. you can either provide us with any of your courier account number of FedEx/dhl/tnt/ups and we will immediately ship free samples or you can pay us for the courier or airmail charges and we will ship lots of free samples so that you can have a close look at the quality of our work.


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